Robert's Royal School of Music

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Piano Lessons

1-on-1 Piano Lessons

Learn privately with Robert if you're local to the Colorado Springs area.  Call 719-930-3118

Hour lessons $50. 

45 minutes $40

Half Hour $30.   Discounts available for Military/Vets and Seniors.


1. Music theory

2.  Composition methods

3.  Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary Genres

4.  Perform music at a local recital. 

Soundtrap Digital Compsoition Lessons

Learn to create and produce music with Robert online.

Learn on the latest digital classroom experience on Soundtrap music studio. 

SPACE IS LIMITED! to 50 seats.  Please call to reserve your space 719-930-3118

$40 - month

Family discounts available. 

Are you a Soundtrap User?  Send me your music to collaborate.


Follow and collaborate with me on bandlab

Bandlab is a FREE social media digital studio produced by Cakewalk software.  It has many of the same featuers soundtrap has but lacks the online classroom experience, realistic instruments, and music production soundtrap offers.  


You can follow Robert on his bandlab page here