Robert Randall



This timely DVD asks the question:  Is Halloween just a night of fun and fantasy or do actual ritual murders take place?  Learn the answers to these and other life-altering questions concerning the Unhallowed fright-night as Biblical authority and cult expert Dr. William Schnoebelen unmasks the vial truth about All Hallows Eve in HALLOWEEN-UNMASKING HELLNNIGHT.

In this anointed teaching.  Bill shares compelling historical and Biblical evidence on Halloween's origins and how it is a Biblically "Unclean Thing" which no Christian-or their child-should touch (2 Cor 6:17) Learn key scriptures exhorting Believers to keep children (spiritually more vulnerable) away from the corruption of Hells Holiday!  This DVD is an excellent ministry tool for sharing with those who do not comprehend the hellish glamours of Halloween!

Dr. Schnoebelen (Bill) spent over 20 years heavily involved in the occult, including 16 years as a witch before coming to the saving Grace of Yahushua (Jesus Christ) in 1984.  His Best-Selling book, Lucifer Dethroned, contains his full testimony.  Dr. Schnoebelen has faithfully spread the message of Messiah's salvation and freedom from bondage, cults and unscriptural religious beliefs to thousands across the globe since 1986.