Robert Randall


That Perfect Moment CD - 1 CD, 5 songs, original compositions by Robert Randall

This is Robert Randall's debut album. The songs reflect aspics of his life at various "moments" in time.  

With 20+ years experience in music. Robert Randall's unique vision is to be creative in multiple genre's. Most musicians stick with one genre, rise and fade in time. Why not write music that appeals to a variety of audiences? Thinking outside the box is what Robert does best.  

Below is a summery of the composition and inspiration behind them.

1 My Daily Joy
The inspiration for this song was at a time when I was enjoying the joy of God in my life as a new follower of Messiah. The song came easily as a bright summers day. In most of the music the holy spirit gives, it starts out with the main theme. I have to work around that theme and expand it into something for his glory.  

2 You Are My God
This song was recorded at "grammy nominated" jazz-pianist, Steve Barta's home studio. I enjoy the flow of this song in the main theme and how it transitions smoothly into the bridges. I am almost done writing a single for this song, complete with vocals and background instrumentation. The single's lyrics make it clear that Messiah forgave us for our sins and gave us new life through his redemptive son Jesus, "He was crucified on a cross of wood, yet he made the very hill upon which it stood"  

3 That Perfect Moment
This was inspired partly by a theme from a song in my iTunes library, and partly by the album cover. I don't recall how I came across the picture. I think I nabbed it from someone's Facebook page as I recall. Its so beautiful and tranquil. It really sets the mood and captivation for the body of the album.  

4 My Heart Rejoices in Sorrow
This is the only song that did not start out from a main theme. It worked its way from a musical transition into the glorious sounding ending. The beginning and middle came later. Strangely enough I was hoping this song could be used someday in a movie version of the book "Harris and Me" by Gary Paulson, if it ever get's the green light.  

5 Heartbroken
I started writing this song when I was about 6 or 7 years of age. I have always wanted to write it for orchestra. But for now enjoy the piano version. The single of the orchestral version will come in time. I assure you it will be far more colorful and dramatic than this version. It took many years to write this song. When I finally finished it in 2010. It took another year or so before I could put it into production. Mainly due to the fact that I needed healing from my own heart break, and from there I could focus on getting the song to sound as it should with a new and revitalized Spirit 

A Classical Ba'Roke Musician - 1 CD, Classical music, Ba'roke, Classical, Romantic, Chopin, Mozart

"A Classical Ba'Roke Musician" is Robert Randall's second album.  

The title is a play on words. "Baroque" in classical music is one of the earliest styles of the classical genre.  

Composers like J.S. Bach were one of the instrumental forces in this style. Bach was not appreciated for his music until years after his death. 

Other composers in the classical and Romanic genre's such as Chopin, Mozart, and Beethoven wrote some of the most recognizable and moving classical works that resonate with listeners today. These composers have left an impression on Roberts passion for music and the musical arts.  

It is Roberts hope that you will appreciate the classical masters on this album and help support a Classical "Ba'Roke" musician.  

Though just budding in his career as a solo musician, Robert has a vision to appeal to multiple genres. Not just "a select" audience.  

"Why have a music career that blooms as a flower in the summer and fades into the cold of winter? Why not become a tree bearing many fruits for all to enjoy. That is my hope as a musician. Most find a comfortable genre in which they appeal to a select audience, have their time of fame and success, then fade away. I want to be the exception to the idea of what it means to be a 21st century musician" - Robert Randall

With over 21 years in Classical, Jazz, and contemporary music. Robert has begun to make his mark on the music world. His debut EP album in 2012 of original solo piano compositions "That Perfect Moment" has touched the hearts and minds of people all over the globe.  

"I want to expand into Jazz, Electronica, Rock, and other genres to gain a larger audience" says Robert.  

With my classical training I wanted to make this album to say "Thank you" to the countless teachers, professors, and countless other musicians I have come to be mentored by in the classical arts.  

The primary artists on this album are as follows.
Bach, Beethoven, Satie, Chopin, and Mozart.  

May you be Blessed as you listen to the most beloved works of these classical masters  


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