Robert Randall Music

Piano/Composition Lessons



I teach piano locally in Colorado Springs at my home located @ 6290 Lemonwood Dr. Colorado Springs, 80918. 


I teach the following:

1. Classical genre - Beginner to Advanced studies

2.  Jazz - Beginner to Intermediate

3.  Theory and ear training - Beginner to Advanced

4.  Contemporary music pop/cinema - Beginner to Advanced.  

5.  Composition - Beginner to Advanced. Composition is the creative process of setting music in your head onto paper or computer in the digital age.  I teach students composition on an online site called Soundtrap. 


Lessons are 1hr length,

Depending on the student starting out some will begin lessons for 30 minutes. 

Lessons are $40 an hour.  ACT NOW!!!!! April 1st to May 31st 2017 to get 1 months wroth of piano lessons at 60%  a $35 value. 

Special discounts for military and seniors. 

All lessons are paid for at the beginning of each month.  1 makeup lesson allowed per month.  Lessons are paid via cash, check, square cash, and bit -coin through an app called Circle Pay.

Using a method of music theory and hands on practicum, Robert transorms a student from service into a blossoming musician in just two weeks. Through a variety of musical resources, Robert enables the student to learn musical concepts in a simple format.  No wading through endless theory books with levels 1, 2, 3, etc.  You learn and appply hands-on.  

     Robert also hosts two recitals a year to showcase students talents.  

Compose Music

While teaching music, Robert helps students explore different ways of composing and creating compsitions and improvisational works.  

     This can lead to exploring music through improvisation in jazz as a bedtrock towards composing original musical works through music technology like.

It's a multi-platform PC/MAC internet tool that allows students to explore how to compose music and produce it in the online music market.  Educating you on;

  • Learning the Soundtrap Program
  • Mic Setups
  • recording raw and digital sounds
  • Mixing/Mastering/EQ
  • Producing Music Online