Robert Randall


Some of you have probabally seen the DVDs I sell in the store and the soundtracks I post on the music page. 


Since 2006 I have been following Dr. William Schnoebelens ministry and have been blessed by his and his wifesteaching towards the body of Christ.  They have been faithful messengers of Jesus Gospel and continue to be on the front lines of spiritual warfare and Liberation ministry.  For some time I have had the privilage to write introductory scores for Mr. Schnoebelen.  His book "Blood on the Doorposts" was a game changer as a new bleeive.  It has challenged and continues to challenge my faith.  In many ways it helped me overcome a very dark and riddled religious past as well as be set free from contact in the occult.   


I pray the DVDs will enrich your faith as they have helped me on my journey.  Although this is a music website I am a believer first and formost in Yehushua Messiah, Jesus Christ and am in some small way doing my part to further the Gospel of Salvation and the Gospel of the Kingdom 

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