Robert Randall


That Perfect Moment

by Robert Randall

Released 2013
Released 2013
That Perfect Moment
Robert Randall

Here on this site a Grand experiment is taking place. Here, you will enter a new world..a new dimension in musical creativity. This is (as far as I can tell) the First "multi-genera" solo musician webpage.

Robert Schumann once said, “The Painter turns a poem into a painting; a musician sets a picture to music”

For every student music can express emotions and images that are buried deep within our Psyche and poured out from our heart. Music is an entity that has no means of taste, touch, sight or smell. Its very foundation is in the auditory, which pierces into the recesses of ones emotions and gives life and color to those feelings one gets from listening to a melody, a rhythm, or any music that sits within ones memory.

Music molds and shapes the foundations for math, history, and science. Its very evolution over the centuries has perhaps made it the last creative beacon in our nation by which children and adults of all ages can freely imagine and express their creativity to the rest of the world.

The music here is meant to inspire, to heal, to move ones emotions which cannot be expressed by words, and give new meaning as to what it means to be a musician in the 21st century. Much of what I write is inspired by my Walk with God. For me this is Yah'shuah Jesus Christ, fully man and God who died at the cross and rose again from the grave. Other songs come from my imagination or the heart. I welcome anyone to take a listen to the musical tastes I have to offer.

Jazz, Electronica, New Age/Contemporary Classical, Rock, and Christian. I love these musical styles and I Pray that you enjoy my music and follow me along my journey in this epic musical adventure.

Behind the Music

1. That Perfect Moment

This album is a compilation of songs that have meaning from my life. From a long lost love. To songs of finding faith in God and enduring the trials and life presents each and every one of us as Divine created beings.

2. Heartbroken

This piece was for me a way to find closure with a woman I loved long ago. The music itself is expressive in the joy of the relationship and the struggles to keep that love even when she's moved on. Ultimately closure is found and I have Shalom or peace
These works were composed on a Steinway Grand D with digital orchestration for background accompaniment.

3. My Daily Joy

Simple and sweet. I was feeling happy and my fingers were on fire with Joy for Gods gifts in my life.

4. My Heart Rejoices in Sorrow


This I believe has become my best work on this album. God inspired me to combine a little mixture of Jim Brickman with a solo piano song from an anime entitled "Trinity Blood"

After some rearranging I was able to create something that sounds original and set more towards my own performance style

5. You are My God

This was the second piece I wrote for this album. I love the complexities of the meliodies as they intertwine. In my next album I plan to add lyrics to this song. May Elohim have all the praise and Glory forever and ever.