Robert Randall


Who is Robert Randall?


I have been playing piano for over 20 years.  I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Adams State University and am a self-published musician, currently recording and producing my third album.

My teaching methods have been carefully crafted over the years in order to help students succeed as pianists, and if they feel so led, future composers.  I utilize both written and online homework for students to grow while incorporating exercises that challenge finger dexterity and memory work. 

Ultimately music should be a joy to learn.  It helps students grow in math, language, art, and reading.  Some come to learn a particular genre of music while others want to learn songs that are fun to play.

 On top of teaching piano. Robert is teaching himself to play guitar and sings vocals at church functions.  As a hobby he also enjoys hand percussion and playing he didgeridoo. 

Having composed, recorded, and produced two albums I continue to crank out new music. My first two albums were mostly solo piano music.  The third album currently in production is a jazz album with more flare and background instrumentation.

Robert is available for private functions.  (see bookings/events) page

Have a Blessed Day

                                                                             - Robert Randall